Design - concept Bi-Luck® represents educational and intellectual toy intended for adults and children who study color science and professionally work with color: artists, painters, designers, architects, decorators. The toy develops an aesthetic perception of colors and their combinations, creative thinking and imagination; serves to understand the laws of color mixing; bases of color contrast and nuance; harmony of main and complementary colors; positively influence on the development of small motor activity of fingers.

The basis of the artistic concept of the toy is the color circle, consisting of 12 "flower petals". The toy corpus is colored in monochrome colors; the "petals" represent the colors of the rainbow. The size of the toy corresponds to the size of the palm.

The toy consists of the corpus, rotating and movable elements; it is indecomposable; made from plastic. It based on the innovative principle of displacing movable elements along a nonlinear path in geometrical plane (Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2175632). All movable elements can be rotate mechanically in two different radii: the radius of the "petal" (R1) and the radius of the "core" (R2).

The principle of the game is to collect a complete color composition on one side, for example, a rainbow consisting of twelve colors, or another color pattern. When the color composition completed on the front side, it is dismantle on the reverse side. The game start again.

The toy received two prestigious awards of international design competitions - A’Design Award 2016, Como, Italy; BraunPrize2012, Kronberg, Germany and was nominated in the International Design Awards IDA-2012,
Los Angeles, USA.